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01-26-2004, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by jas
Okay, while your sentiment is on target, could you be somewhat accurate with your information? Toronto offered Holik $8 million per for five years, and the Devils offered Holik $8.5 million for five years, but Holik took the $9 million per offered by the Rangers. Holik was going to get his money last year whether or not the Rangers were involved.

Now wait a minute jas, I think Reg is on to something..

He points out that this is a "team" of individuals, with no chemistry, and they throw money at free agents and aquire skill players without thought..

Then he goes on to suggest, gulp!, that New Jersey may be a good model for building a team.. I think they may have won something recently, so it makes sense..

Then he has the temerity to suggest the Ranger philosophy has to change..

Hmm.. Makes one think.. These are the type of bold, brash and outside the box thoughts that Ranger fans need to listen to..

Quite shocking in its simplicity, but damn if that player/coach isn't on to something!!

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