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12-23-2013, 12:42 PM
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Originally Posted by chosen View Post
Actually, what he said was that when the team was at absolute bottom, Kreider was not there accumulating minuses with the rest of them.

Right now, Kreider is performing well below par for a first-liner. He has played okay this year, but nothing better than that. He still has opportunity to improve, obviously, but crowing about him right now while the team absolutely stinks is odd.

I find it very peculiar to constantly re-state that you said he would be great. Even if he turned into Crosby, what would be the point? Are you that insecure about your opinions that you are driven to try and impress people you don't know? Don't you understand that no one cares about this stuff besides you?

We get it. You like him. Why not just enjoy watching him?
It's very simple 95ish% of the board was civil, but the rest were jerks about my opinions about Kreider. And it is not a matter that they were wrong on the facts, like a lot of people. It is entirely because they were rude and arrogant.

What goes around comes around.

It is not a matter of me caring what these people think of me.
It is a matter of be careful who you attempt to be-atch slap, because payback is a be-atch.

This will not continue indefinitely.

I am waiting --- apparently it will not have to be too much longer --- before it is UNARGUABLE that Kreider is worth more to us than Stepan. Then I can claim total victory is mine, those who were disrespectful to the nth degree can bend, buckle and break in their arrogance.

Upon such complete victory, then the issue can be dropped.
Not before.

And the entire board is witness to what I said is true.
The guilty parties, we all know who they are...

Of course, this process could be expedited if the guilty stepped forth and apologized and admitted I was right and they were wrong.

But that's expecting TOO MUCH.

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