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01-26-2004, 07:20 PM
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Originally Posted by dedalus
No I suspect you're pretty stuck with Hackett not to mention your own $9 million man, LeClair. Sherry Ross actually made an interesting comparison of the two teams today:

"Yes, Philadelphia GM Bob Clarke made a nice pickup when he added Danny Markov to his injury-stricken Flyers defense last week, but did he have to run down the kid he traded to make it?

Clarke sent 22-year-old Justin Williams, a first-round draft pick of the Flyers in 2000, to the 'Canes, saying, 'It's our opinion that a top-four defenseman is more valuable than a third-line winger.'

Williams, a slick skater with a lot of promise, was a third-liner mostly because the top six forwards on the Flyers are as old as Wilford Brimley. Williams is playing on one of Carolina's top two lines and averaging three minutes more in ice time per game than he did as a Flyer. It's the same kind of short-sightedness that the Rangers have shown the past eight years, and it hasn't exactly been working out so hot for the Flyers either now, has it?"
Leave it to Supertroll to take a tongue-in-cheek statement and completely over-anylize it!

Have we won the Cup? No.

Have we missed the playoffs SIX straight seasons? No.

To compare the failure of the Flyers organization to find the last few pieces of a Cup winning puzzle VERSUS the failure of the Rags organization to even field a competitive team with a $70 million payroll is...well....

Your team's own website says it all. COME SEE JAGR!! Not COME SEE THE RANGERS!!! Because as we both know the Rangers didn't get Jagr to win a Cup, they just got him to put another name on the Garden marquee. Come see another of our big name...forget about the rest.

As far as Justin goes, he was given ample opportunity to step up and be a goal scorer and he was surrounded by better talent than he has in Carolina. He couldn't cut it. The interesting point is that his spot went to another young player in Patrick Sharp. And we still have young (or relatively young) key players thoughout the lineup like Gagne, Comrie, Somik, Pitkanen, Johnsson... plus (at times) Seidenberg and Vandermeer.

A quick scan of the Rangers top scorers shows almost NO young players of any impact. Poti is way down the list and you guys are STILL waiting to get something meaningfull out of Lundmark.

The Flyers traded Williams because they had Sharp in the wings. They traded Woywitka because they had Pitkanen, Seidenberg, and Vandermeer ready to go. Plus, they got a young playmaker, in Comrie, in return. What young player did the Rags get in the Jagr deal? Oh that's right...they gave up the younger player! And what young player replaced Lundmark when he was out...Jed Ortmeyer...Chad Wiseman. WOW! That's a fearsome twosome.

As always, your jealousy of the Flyers organization, coupled with your lack of knowledgeable insight on the team, and your own team's obvious!

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