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Originally Posted by darko View Post
No I'm talking about prior to last season. 05 to 08 they were near the bottom in pitching and 09 to 12 they were middle of the road. Their offense was always good and in top-5 in baseball. Even last season they were just outside of top-5. They lost Cruz and decide to bring in Fielder and Choo. Trading for someone like David Price would've made much more sense even if it costs you Profar. Price too expensive? Fine, instead of eating most of Fielder's salary it would've made more sense to trade for someone like Cliff Lee. Lee is on the block however Phillies want the other team to eat large chunk of the salary. A guy like Lee would make Rangers much more dangerous than a guy like Fielder.

They'll be a good team again but watch them fall short. Again.
You have to look at the roster turnover they've had. They added Darvish in 2012 and he broke out as an ace this year. Derek Holland has established himself as a solid #2. They have plenty of other arms that combine to give them a quality staff. Yeah, it'd look better with Price or Lee, but so would literally every other rotation in baseball.

Meanwhile, they really suffered after the loss of Hamilton and Napoli after 2012. Their offense last season was basically Adrian Beltre and eight mediocre hitters. Seriously look at this:,d

You can quibble with which bats they decided to add, but they most certainly needed to focus on offense.

Originally Posted by Vitto79 View Post
Hoping Drew falls into the mets laps at ss. 2 yrs
I want Drew, but they probably need to go to three years to land him and they don't seem willing to do it.

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