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01-26-2004, 07:50 PM
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Originally Posted by go pierre hedin
It's quite clear, he ****** up, and he deserves not to play. Doesn't matter if he's wearing blue & white, or red, white, & blue. It's for the good of the game, and if you see a player intentionally high stick someone, and don't think he deserves to get a penalty because 5 weeks ago, your player got high sticked or speared and there wasn't a suspension handed out... then don't be surprised when one day (God forbid) one of your players loses an eye or is killed by a stick to the head.
I guess it is clear to level headed fans who realize that sticks in the face are dangerous, and these guys all hope to have normal lives post-hockey (and likely plan on fully intact vision as part of that retirement plan).

What becomes a little hard to swallow is the inconsistency of the league office. After the high-profile JR, Nolan and Tucker incidents, still in the memory of Berard's horrible incident (I still hate to see that replay), nothing is done. No formal announcements, no formal warnings that the officials are clamping down, nothing. That is not the leadership that this game needs.

Someone was eventually going to be the scapegoat and sacrificial lamb on this subject. There was way too much media attention on this for the league to be silent forever. It is really sad to see that if not for players like JR, coaches like Quinn, and hockey analysts like Bob MacKenzie all drawing attention to this subject, this might still be going on unpunished.

Does it suck that it was a Hab that finally got busted...not if he deserved it. But, please, be consistent on the punishment from this point onwards.

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