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Originally Posted by walle View Post
I dont get this. Team did improve from last year and especially the goaltending and every stat of Salo has gotten better since. 5v5 goal difference & corsi difference(one of the best leaguewise actually), PK & PP. Yes his personal points are down but is it an issue? He's defensive D-man who is really only making the mark on his own end everything else is a plus. He's fluffed quite a lot offensive chances but really thats pretty expected. Its a missed opportunity but hardly ever anything bad comes from out of those. Its something he could be better at sure but I cant view it as a negative. Last year he stand out better because others sucked but he's been just as solid this year. Usually he slows down as the season progresses but with the way amount of minutes have been managed it will interesting to see if it still happens.
I have no idea what his advanced stats are, but simply going by my eye, I feel like I've seen Salo burnt more than any other defenseman on the team. The plays have rarely turned into goals against, but Bishop is bailing out everybody this year. I obviously could be wrong, and my impression could be weighted by recent games. Just an impression that his play has dropped off significantly since last year. That could be because it was a lot easier for his good play to stand out last year, and maybe his bad plays were swallowed up by the catastrophe going on all around him. So maybe he hasn't declined, but to the naked eye, he's declined pretty significantly, particularly from about November on.

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