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12-23-2013, 10:23 PM
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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
If I were running things for a day, next game Weber comes in and finds the C missing from his sweater ... just a blank spot with threads still showing were it was ripped off ... nothing said to him before hand. Put it on Hornqvist. Take the A off Fisher as well ... put the A's on whomever is busting their butt every game. Klein, Nystrom, Gaustad, Smith ... not the current crew. Send a message that leadership positions are earned through hard work and sacrifice, not the dollar value of one's contract.

We've had much less talented teams that won more often. Those teams worked while this team doesn't. If a shakeup of the player leadership doesn't work and the room is lost, change coaches. If the combination of those doesn't work, move higher up the chain and let Poile slide to a completely VP/alt governor role and have Fenton take over as GM.
Interesting idea. What about turning Weber loose as in, let him play angry. I think this calm subdued version of Shea does not work. Others feed off of him, good and bad. While his game has been good, there is no emotion there. Let him get mad. Let him hit a few guys. Heck, take a few penalties while you're at it. You've got a 6'4" 234 pound beast of a defenseman playing like Greg Johnson out there. I don't get that. Turn him loose. Let him have attitude. Rip nostril hairs out before the game. Put ben gay in his jock. Make fun of his wife. I don't care what it takes to get him riled up and ready to punish the other team. That's what you do. Heck, kick him in the nads if you need to.

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