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01-15-2007, 12:04 AM
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Geez, got to page 5 of this thread and realized I was nodding my head with almost every message....!

Gotta put in my two cents....when our oldest boy was eight years old (he started playing at 6) he played on a small town (and I'm talking small - population 100)team. There were about eleven kids on the team, with about six players that got most of the ice time during games. Our boy was not the strongest skater so was bench warmer fairly regularly. At one tournament in particular he barely saw the ice. When the boys were done the second game of the tournament and our kid was still on the bench, my husband approached the coachs and mentioned that we had a family function that we should be attending, particularly if our boy wasn't going to play anyway. My husband had not gone yelling at the coachs, but they got defensive saying better players get more ice time "because that's what they do in the NHL"! That sure is not our philosophy for kids hockey, so we finished the season, then moved our boy to a different league.

Incidently, our kid is still playing hockey. Those five or six "better" players all quit when they were about 14. Wonder why, hey? Gotta wonder, too, if those coachs ever think back to what they said and realize how ridiculous they sounded...

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