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12-24-2013, 01:14 AM
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Originally Posted by BlueShirts702 View Post
You guys are hilarious. All of a sudden Hank is a bum and he's not worthy of the starting job? He's going through a rough patch. It happens to the best of's a slump. I should expect Ranger fans to be fickle but it boggles my mind how quick people are to dismiss a guy with such a track record. To each their own I guess.
Ridiculous. People think it's throwing Henrik under the bus to say he's been bad. He hasn't been subpar or struggling, he has flat-out sucked. Rough patch? We're half way in and he's sucked all season. Unless he turns it around in the second half, it was a ****** season for him. Accept reality, Lundqvist is playing like utter ****.

Doesn't mean trade him... no one will trade for a goalie making 8 1/2 M for the next 7 years, who has played like **** all season anyway... but let Talbot take over till he falls off, if he does any time soon.

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