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12-24-2013, 08:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Green Blob View Post
Jeeze, the guy is playing well and people are happy and supporting that and you come in as negative Nancy?
I am continuing the discussion for a thread that I did not start. Am I supposed to stick head in sand and just forget what history have has shown. He is playing better. Great. I will hold off on the pom-pom waiving until he can do it for a few months.
God forbid people are excited he's playing well all of a sudden.
Be excited all you want. I take the approach of viewing the track record and what appears on the back of the card each year. As Rangers fan, I hope that he proves me wrong. As a Rangers fan, I do not think that he will. Hence, the discussion. Or is this about to become one of those "real fans" discussions?

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