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01-26-2004, 10:09 PM
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Originally Posted by jas
the cliched approach of the media. Even in his exceptional piece on NHL2Night last night, EJ Hradek resorted to the same empty rhetoric of how NY fans are impatient and demand a winner. That's BS, most Ranger fans were more than ready to embrace rebuilding programs in '98, '99... It is the media that is impatient. Afterall, how can a fan base that sat through fifty-four years of futility EVER be considered impatient. I bet at least seventy-five per cent of every Ranger fan polled would sit through at least three to five years of an actual rebuilding program, where draft picks were accumulated and talent is developed. But, the Dolans are more concerned with squeezing money out of their corporate clientele, and could give a rat's patoot about the fans. Meanwhile the GM/coach/SuperGenius has has downright hostility towards the fans. But, we're impatient.

I agree totally. I'd rather lose every other game with guys named Heatly and Kovalchuk and Nash than with this crop of has-been's and never-will-be's. At least I'd know that the future was bright, and in a few years we might even be a championship franchise. Now, what's there to look forward to? It's a win today hockey team that just can't seem to win. What's the prognosis for this team in the next five years when Kovalev's 36, Jagr's 37, Holik's 37, Leetch's possibly retired, Messier's possibly retired ( ), etc., etc. Add this to a bare prospects cupboard and atrocious drafting and we're neck deep in crap and no way of getting out. If Sather had half the brains he tricked the Hockey world into believing he had, he would have started loading this team up with young talent. Instead of making the big splash for a Jagr, go for a top five pick in draft. I'd rather see a Lundmark go for a high quality prospect than for a Jagr type. They have no players they can build their team around. No core. No Culture.

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