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Originally Posted by The Nose View Post
Well folks, its 4am on a Monday and I just finally finished my research paper. Sleep isn't an option, so I figured it would be the perfect time to start a new thread

Since we're near the quarter-mark (18 games into the season), I thought we could start up a thread giving each player a letter grade pertaining to their performance so far this year (same kind of thing we did last year). You can give more insight to your rankings if you want, I'm just doing it because I have all the time in the world

Mark your grades based on your expectations for that player coming into the year.

Zetterberg A+ On pace for over 40 goals, most consistent player on the team - brings it each and every night
Datsyuk A Great as always, a bit inconsistent but nonetheless great
Bertuzzi A- Thought his career was over - one of the few players who plays well with Pavel - deserves more credit for first line's success
Franzen D Haven't given up on him like most but he's gotta do better when he returns
Weiss D+ Obviously not thrilled but he's earned his contract the past week or so - great in all three zones - needs consistent linemates who can finish
Alfredsson B+ Way better than expected from the old guy, but wish he would contribute more on ES especially with Weiss
Tatar B Really earning Babcock's trust lately - he's a puckhound and is real feisty - sometimes tries to do too much (though understandable)
Andersson C- Picked up his game recently, always been smart but needs speed around him
Abdelkader C Didn't work out with D&Z - doing fine when down in the lineup
Helm A+++ Just happy to see him out there - still got the speed too
Cleary F Worst forward on the team by far - even Babcock of all people his noticing his poor play
Miller D+ Needs to be better
Eaves C- Okay, no expectations
Samuelsson C- Same as Eaves
Glendening C Doing a good enough job filling in

Kronwall A+ Not getting enough love around here - he's played like a legit #1 on both sides of the ice
Ericsson B Just solid
DeKeyser A- Really caught fire recently - gonna be here for a while folks
Kindl C Not a good start offensively but really picking it up recently - steadily improving defensively - needs some more help around him on the PP
Smith D+ Not nearly as bad as people are saying around here but still not great - can't blame him too much for not producing when he's an offensive defenseman being played like a pure shutdown defenseman - give him time people! (and a better partner)
Quincey F No comment
Lashoff B Well he's no longer the worst defenseman on the team, been okay as a filler - somewhat surprising considering last year
Ouellet B+ Solid in both games - believe he's our 5th best defenseman
Almquist B+ Underrated around here - his abilities are tough to come by and letting him go would be a mistake

Howard C- Two good games and his stats will be back to normal - just way too inconsistent right now albeit an poor defense in front of him
Gustavsson A++ Jimmy who?
Mrazek A+++ Jonas who?

Looking at my rankings, it pretty much follows the idea that the Wings need their depth and Jimmy to step up.
I pretty much agree with all of your grades except you're a little harsh on Franzen, he is scoring at about a 60 point pace.

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