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01-15-2007, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
honestly, nobody denies this team lack toughness. Most, however, do not feel Orr adds value and they are actually better off without Orr. I'll say it once again, having a guy who can win a fight does very little if he's not going to be a deterrent from your best players getting knocked down, frustrated, or hit hard or cheaply. All of that has happened in each game in which Orr has played, so what really is his use? He'll win 10 fights this season - big whoop - it's an 82 game season. He's normally not very physical, and definitely doesn't stop anybody on other teams from doing what they do. The physical problem with this team is not an enforcer, but players who can play physical while still being useful for 15+ minutes per game, as well as tough defensemen. You cannot replace that with one Orr.
No you can't but it's the closest you can come. Fact is...Orr makes this team tougher than Krog, Hall, or some other people that have been brought up. The reason I respond to SoS the way I do is because he's not very familiar with having discussions. I'd love to actually talk about it with you...but when you've got a guy who holds a personal grudge against someone...well then you know what I mean

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