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12-24-2013, 05:22 PM
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Most think im just stuck on the bad things about this team. That is not the case, Im looking for any good things I can find. Most here will agree that a healthy #35 will go along way to help the goals allowed. Also time for the young defensenmen will help that situation especially next year. If one wants to look at the negative defensivly one has to question Webers leadership there, and perhaps the play of Ellis still. Not giving the young guys a bye by no means but considering there age they are doing pretty well. I would also point out that historically this team has had a good record of developing D so while right now its a issue that is a much shorter term issue than scoring. With no changes the D will get better the back-up goalie situation should be ok absent Hutton or even with Hutton playing limited games.

This team is in sore need of top 6 players, I can care less if there names are snap crackle and pop even Smith as much as I do not like him if he can put up true NHL top line points im all for it. but 40 points and flirting with 20 goals is not what we need as our top producer. Many have lowered there standards and accept this as a good year for a top 6 in Nashville. If 3 guys that can score 25 can be put on the ice it will make the rest more productive as well. We just do not have them at this point.

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