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12-24-2013, 10:51 PM
Garbage Goal
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Not to dampen the news or rain on the parade, but I kind of hate the WC as it is.

Back when it was first coming around around the same time we had our first one it was fun and fresh even if not always well executed. It was a great idea with a fun premise that harkened back to simpler forms of hockey. Nowadays though they have the Heritage Classic and Stadium Series on top of it. So now the Winter Classic just seems stupid and unappealing to me. When so many teams get to play an outdoor games just under different names it cheapens the experience and doesn't make it unique in the slightest. It also comes across as really stupid when all of them are given different titles even though they're all just outdoor games.

It's also very apparent now that only the big market teams are going to get attention with the Winter Classic at least so it's not really all that thrilling to be selected for it when there's only so many viable candidates when they only pick big market teams and try to save Canadian teams for the Heritage Classic.

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