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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
Also to me there was too much action. Compare this to District 9 where it had this great balance of ideas and action. It's like with Elysium the director went "alright this time, i'm gonna come up with one big idea aka Elysium is the Us and Earth is Mexico and the rest will be just action". No care in the World to develop that idea further and make it more complex.

And damn that was one disappointing exo-skelleton! From the trailers I thought Damon was gonna become the Six Million Dollar Man and in the movie, he was barely capable of ripping off a car door!
You hit it pretty well on the head. I felt the plot was like just one step after the other, nothing subtle or intricate at all. This has to happen so here is why, I swear after about 20mins the end had already been laid out.

I just watched superman and after seeing snyder had directed it I had high hopes, god what a piece of crap. I can't wait for this superhero/comic book fad to die out.

Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I'm super sorry but if we include anime then it's

1 Berserk

(5 blank pages)

2 GoT

Here I go again on my high clown horse but really if you don't know Berserk you must check it out because you missed a piece of art. Download the english manga or watch the show even though it's old.

I missed about half a decade worth of anime watching and apparently there are also 3 films now with rave reviews.
Berserk was alright, first episode was by far the best and the rest had a lot of filler. I never read the comics but damn did I want more after seeing that first episode. If you want to see possibly the greatest anime series I have ever seen go watch Samurai Champloo. FLCL is a pretty fun ride too.

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