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01-26-2004, 10:51 PM
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Originally Posted by zurg999

I watched the replay more than a dozen times (Bell PVR) and still have it on the HD at home. Dagenais raised his stick up, then (this is the killer) adjusted it slightly higher again as Marchment straightened up to skate away, so as to catch him exactly where he wanted to (in the face). Very deliberate and it looks worse each time you see it. Although he wasn't facing Marchment, he would have had more than enough peripheral vision to do what he intended.

He was obviously pissed at the intent of the hit, probably more than the result, as you could argue Marchment looked to get the worst of it.

If you want to check the archives, you can see I was a Dagenais booster before he got called up. Now I don't know what to think. It's obvious he has a problem with the physical side of the game as it takes nothing to knock him down and he constantly avoids finishing his checks. The high sticking + the argument he seemed to be having with Zednik on the bench has now got me thinking he also needs to work on his mental game. He has to accept that if he expects to score regularly, he'll have to work harder, get more physically involved and can only expect to become even more of a target.

One things for sure, I wouldn't want to see something similar from him again. An incident like this should not only be unacceptable in the league's view, but also from the team's perspective.

Well, if you say you've seen it several times, well i'll take your word for it but at the time I didn't think about it twice it didn't look intentional at all but i'll take your word for it....this dosen't change my opinion of Dagenais, he's a filler until someone in Hamilton can step up but it's up to Dagenais to prove he can be more than a filler

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