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12-25-2013, 04:06 AM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
I know people say it's just another magic bean... but where would the Oilers be without their past magic beans? They'd have literally nothing without players like Hall/RNH/Yak... they'd be a team still spinning their wheels missing the playoffs every year AND with no hope of real improvement going forward.

These elite players they pick up are their only chance at success down the road... surround them with decent role players and secondary talent (the job for a new management group) and let them all develop chemistry together. That is literally the only formula for possible success in Edmonton... nothing else will work and give them a legit chance at perennial contender status.

Edit... without those magic beans... the Oilers would be the Flames. A lunchpail team that works hard but never gets anywhere and who's future looks dim at best... maybe an overachieving 8th place finish every 3 or 4 years where they squeak in and bow out in the 1st round.
did i just get time warped back 3 years? we've got enough top-end young studs. the time to start surrounding them was last year.

hasn't this year proven that simply tanking and waiting doesn't necessarily yield the results you want? when you are the worst team in the league, it is very difficult to improve. it takes real management of assets to get out of the gutter, not just waiting.

who would have thought that 3 first overall picks wouldn't be enough, and now you think another is the answer? and another top 5 pick next year? (which would absolutely happen if we do not make changes and end up 29th or 30th this year)

we've got to start improving. we've got to set higher standards. this willingness to be THE WORST TEAM IN THE F---ING LEAGUE has got to end. I'd rather see a real trade that allows us to play .600 hockey the rest of the way and end up picking 24th. i want progress NOW, or at least the declaration that tanking is no longer acceptable. i want a manager that is trying to improve the team, not intentionally letting them remain bad so we can draft high. we, of all fans should know, it doesn't work.

i agree with you on the new management group part.

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