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12-25-2013, 05:22 AM
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Originally Posted by oilersfan11 View Post
That's where I just don't understand because if we're going to follow Pittsburgh's path we will fail because the forwards aren't at the same level,and if we are to follow Chicago's rebuild,it's going to fail because they got top pairing defensemen through the draft in which we haven't done,and if we're to follow LA's rebuild we would again fail because LA drafted Doughty to lead their defense and we again have nothing.

We do need another top pick whether fans want to acknowledge it or not, and if it doesn't happen,you can pretty much predict it that this rebuild is going to end up being like the Atlanta/Florida/Columbus type rebuilds .
the reason is because they blew it on so many of their picks. In my estimation the only picks they got right were RNH and Hall (well, i suppose Eberle because there wasn't much left). the rest all should have been for need or traded. Gagner, Paajarvi, Yak, should have been used to fill a need. IOW, pretty much always take a C or a D and preferable big.

you know what is going to come out of this? this Oilers' experiment is going to make taking the 'best player available' nolonger the rule of thumb. Only take bpa if he is clearly better (by a wide margin) than the player for need. otherwise, always pick for need. that is what this has proven. the Yak pick was a mistake. I don't care what he turns out to be, we needed a D or C. they should have either traded down, or trade it completely, or just taken Murray (who is much better then J. Schultz, btw)

OMG, we are looking at a 7 year rebuild and over a decade without playoffs (and most years out before February). i'm not sure I can wait for the last 18 year old to finally become a man. just too aggravating and embarrassing. other teams' fans don't even raz us anymore, out of pity.

Klowe, you can blame yourself for losing a generation and turning many Tier I and Tier II fans into Tier III fans (casual, rarely spends money on the team and only excited when the team makes the playoffs)

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