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12-25-2013, 01:27 PM
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See, the problem with the previous post, is you've chosen an outlier as your example of why fights are bad, while choosing an ideal example of a good hit.

But I think we all remember his:

Sauer in all likelihood will never play hockey again, while Parros has already played again this season. But Phaneuf's hit was considered "clean" and he was neither penalized or suspended on the play. Or, for a more recent example, see Orpik's hit on Erikkson, or Nash's concussion at the start of the year. And this is all without even considering the amount of charges and dirty hits that also take place in the game.

Like it or not, it is a fact that the majority of injuries in an NHL season come from unfortunate hockey plays and hits as opposed to fights. For me, some of the anti-fighting arguments in this thread tread very close to a slippery slope down which it's not too hard to see hockey eventually becoming a "no contact" sport. And for me, that's not a sport I'd want to watch.

I could be wrong, but has the amount of fighting in the NHL not gone up post-lockout? And has overall viewership not been going up as well? NHL owners are seeing large profits, both in attendance and viewership. And yet people are portraying the NHL as if it has this growing tumor that needs to be removed if we have any hope of saving the game, while in reality the game seems to be growing at a very healthy rate with fighting being a fairly fundamental part of that game. Are there any numbers that show large numbers of American or Canadian viewers no longer watching the NHL and instead tuning into any of the Euro leagues?

What sucks is that because hockey is a niche sport, the only time it gets any attention is when something "sensational" happens, and as far as our modern news culture goes, VIOLENCE SELLS BEST. As a result, an inordinate amount of attention gets put on certain violent incidents in the game. But to portray the game of hockey as just waiting to burst onto the mainstream and seize the attention of the masses but for the black and blue fist of the enforcer holding it down, is wrong. Just watch a regular night of Sportscenter when there isn't a hockey "incident" to debate, we're lucky to get about 5mins out of the 30min program.

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