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12-25-2013, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ugrimugri View Post
The majority of NYR players make much less money a year than Hankie.
Now when Hankie gets a raise from 6,875 to 8,5 per year, 7yrs contract, in the middle of his worst season, perhaps most guys on the NYR roster don't think it's worth a huge applaud that there is even more money spent on the Hank - everyone knows that you can win the Cup with an average or low salary goalie as well.
And since there is a salary cap, this raise does affect the total of what's left over for other positions.

Since Talbot is paid approx. the league minimum (also next year btw) - the difference between Hankie's and Talbot's paycheck is an absurd 12 times now and even more absurd 15 times next season - so no wonder if many NYR players consciously or unconsciously put some more effort into games when Talbot is in goal.
Amen Amen. One of the best posts ever.

Cracks me up when I see a thread titled sell high on talbot when it should be sell high on hankie.

Much rather spend the extra $7 mio or so to upgrade our 3rd and 4th lines.

Hankie lovers say Hankie carried us for the last 8 yrs but what exactly had he carried us to? One ECF in which he was outplayed by brodeur and gave up 3 goals on his first 5 shots in the pivotal game 5 at MSG. I was there. He was nervous not what a big time goalie would perform.

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