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Originally Posted by ugrimugri View Post
The core that is supposed to form the backbone of the team has managed to win 80% of the games when Talbot has been appointed to be the starter..
It's certainly not that simple, there's a little bit more to it than that. If you believe it's that simple, go ahead.
Originally Posted by McD27 View Post

I need to buy u a beer.
You don't need another beer, you need a glass of water.
Originally Posted by OnlyTruth View Post
He carried us nowhere in the last 8 years. Instead it was Renney and Torts 6 goalie system that carried Hank. And even with that, he under performed. He is average at best and any goalie would of done the same under these conditions and much better I should say.
It is funny though how people here gave all the credit to Hank for winning games in the past, but blaming the team for loses.

Hank = commercial + over hype + overrating

This is the worst move Sather made ever. And he made many bad moves in the past. Rangers are now doomed for years to come.
And here we go. Hank is having a bad season and all of a sudden nothing Hank has done is worth water. Why hack on the present, when you can try to be a proper revisionist and sensationalist and rewrite what has been? All the haters come storming in bunches with their new accounts (coincidence? I think not), after years of repression where you couldn't spew your hate during all these years without looking like fools. After Gomez, Redden and Drury, this is the worst contract in Rangers history. And while you're at it, name one goalie in hockey history that has carried his team single handedly to a cup. I will spare you the trouble: no one. Not even Hasek could. If you believe it's Hank's fault this franchise hasn't won a cup since -94, I've got news for you.

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