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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
Yes, I forgot. How many seasons did the Rangers make the playoffs since the lockout, now that you mention it? According to our goalie expert here, it seems it was in spite of Hank much more than because of. But then again, who was considered the MVP of the team again, every year? Perhaps you can shed some light on the situation with your great insight. You're sitting on a bomb here, why haven't you told any hockey journalists yet? Perhaps they will be interested in taking you up on your excellent story, with your great facts and your keen eye for the fundamentals of the game.

"It was because he played almost all games." You make it sound like it's a huge advantage for a NHL goaltender to play a huge amount of all games when it comes to overall performance. Why do you think all people who have any knowledge of hockey favour workhorses who put up a consistent performance while playing a whole lot? You make it sound so easy.

I won't debate this with you, this is utterly ridiculous and your arguments are completely invalid. This discussion is over. You can ramble all you want, I'm not the one making a fool out of myself here.
What is his win % in every of those seasons? Do you really think it deserves a vezina nominee? All you talk about is administrative stuff. Who said what on the team or around the NHL. Give me the actual facts. Not saying his numbers are bad but he clearly under archived under the 6 goalie system. AV system really exposed him. He was always average at best and all these was just a hype from NYC/MSG non-stop commercials of him. They tried to do the same this season, but it got to the point that it just started to look funny, so they stopped. Even Joe stopped his constant admiration.

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