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12-25-2013, 08:14 PM
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Is Hank struggling because of the new "offensive" system? Who wouldn't, when all the new "offensive" system means in actual terms is: loosen up defensively and give the puck up everywhere where you absolutely shouldn't (as always, the constant low hockey IQ on this team is a astonishing), while managing to brag that you actually score more than Buffalo. Yay. 6th in goals against in the conference is not that terrible, considering the circumstances and the actual performance. Tied 3rd from last in goals scored while sacrificing defense is a joke. Torts had more solid defense while scoring just as much... errm, little. It sure wasn't pretty to watch the "Eeeeeek, get the puck out of the zone, get it oooouuuut!" for half the games, but at least it lead to a playoff spot. Neither is the roster quality that pretty and never has been since the lockout, that's the truth.

The own goals pinballed off the own players have continuted to pile up. The defensive zone has turned into a shooting gallery. The offensive struggles continue to be a huge problem. An "offensive" system where the team is just as bad offensively and much worse defensively is not a winning culture, neither is it an improvement whatsoever. Hank is struggling, but what the heck do you call the performance of the supposed teammates out there? Or the coach? Or the GM?

AV has realized this NYR team cannot play offensive hockey, just as Renney did, just as Torts did. The defensemen are generally brutal at handling the puck (Staal losing an eye didn't help and Girardi is just terrible at this while eating big minutes), which is key if you want to turn the transition into lethality. How many surgical stretch passes have you seen through the neutral zone to gain the offensive zone on the rush, with proper puck possession? Like five?

The NYR has a bunch of defensive defenseman that can put themselves in arguably good defensive positions but don't know that there's more to defense than where the puck currently is. And as soon as they get the puck, they will turn it over more often than not. They can't pinch for crap. The only exception is McD and usually Strålman.

The forwards just look lost. How can they be creative if they have no creativity? Zuccarello who some argued shouldn't even be re-signed is the only positive surprise, together with Kreider. Nash has his spin move, that's it and everybody and their mother knows it now. Richards brings it, occasionally. Callahan looks like he just wants to quit hockey.

The team is in a sorry state right now. While the team is usually in a sorry state, Hank hasn't managed to save the train wreck like he usually has to and does. The new "offensive" system hasn't been a help, it has tried to play hockey according to the flaws of the players (especially the defensemen), not their strengths. It's ridiculous and that's why AV has told Sather: this isn't going to cut it, I can't play offensive hockey without the players to do it.

That's why we'll probably see some more grinding "Eeeeeeek!" hockey soon if AV wants to keep his job and pray Hank gets back to his old self to hold the fort.

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