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12-25-2013, 10:57 PM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Let's not forget that those 3 #1 picks are essentially very young hockey players and obviously still developing.

3 #1 picks AREN'T enough because 3 young players certainly can't do it all on their own.

If you expected those 3 picks to be leading us on the parade route already... well that's unrealistic expectations.

Those players are good but they are going to take time to develop and reach their full potential. Yak is basically a baby yet in terms of NHL experience... and has teething problems finding his way in this league. He's defensively inferior BUT has a huge ceiling that will take time and patience to reach. RNH and Hall are obviously both further along... it's no surprise that Hall looks the best as he's the oldest of the 3 as well.

The problems of this team aren't that they are drafting #1's and they aren't helping fast enough... it's that Lowe/Tambo/MacT aren't recognizing and filling the voids on this team with sufficient talent so that these young players have decent teammates to play with.

This team wasn't a playoff team or even a competitive team this year from simply looking at that roster last summer. Management didn't sufficiently address 3 key areas (size/grit/physicality throughout the lineup, goaltending and defense).

The failure this year is on the heads of MacT/Tambo/Lowe for not acquiring decent supporting talent in key areas and secondarily on Eakins who may be doing his best with a nerfed roster but his best simply isn't good enough.

Even if he did get the most out of this team though I still think they'd be far from a playoff team. I think 11th (maybe 10th at best) in the West was their best case this year and they obviously aren't even living up to that.

More elite talent in the form of another top 2 pick WILL help this team. The pressure is on management to address the roster deficiencies without burning those valuable pieces.

Think of it like this... would you trade Ekblad away if he was already Oiler property in the prospect pool? I certainly wouldn't as he'd be a key piece of this team going forward and that's what the team is doing by trading that pick away... trading a valuable piece of the roster going forward.

When this team finds itself in a position to draft a player like Reinhart or Ekblad they MUST do that. Too many holes, too many issues to fix by trading that pick and whomever they get back won't help this team vault upwards from 29th to being a playoff team.
good post. as some posters have provided strong arguments, i am, reluctantly, starting to accept that they have to tank this year too (what a f---ing embarrassment) and draft Ekblad.

I just can't believe how asleep at the wheel Oilers' management has been the last 4 years. I mean, what the h-ll have they been doing? where are the support players? neglect and incompetence at such monumental levels.. and not a shred of accountability from Lowe.

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