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12-26-2013, 01:42 AM
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Originally Posted by vickpeterson View Post
Is that measuring the shaft or shaft+blade? Becuase I got the Warrior Dynasty a few days ago and I got it cut. In my rush, I forgot to figure out how much inches they cut off, so that I can figure out the flex or in case i want to cut it again.

Now, I'm 5'11 and the stick was to my eyebrows uncut. Now it's literally right under my nose, and the shaft is 59 inches long while the whole stick is about 65 inches long. If the stick is 63 inches long, it doesn't seem to add up either way.

And can someone clear up the whole "If you cut 3 inches off Warrior sticks that are 63 inches, the flex is not affected" myth? Isn't that impossible?
That statement is correct and several companies have done it. They made the very top of the shaft a dead zone, e.g. it is "flex free" and will not impact the rest of the stick when cut for a certain length.

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