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12-26-2013, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Mogilny 89 View Post
No. May I remind you this is an NHL GM job? Dude.
oh right, something you know about

This makes absolutely no sense. I mean none. Sounds nice though, like something close to that was a saying at some point.
it makes plenty of sense... if they haven't hired a GM by draft day, are they still doing their due diligence, or are they simply incompetent?

No. Jame come on. Have you ever conducted a search for a job candidate? I've found people that were right for the job after the first interview, but conducting more interviews is healthy and conductive to making your organization better.
How long? How long after you found the right person did you continue to do interviews for the job without hiring said person?

How long until the unfilled position began to affect your business?

How long until someone else jumped into the competition for said "right person"?

To summarize: you're way off on this one.
To Summarize : You're still riding the kool aid wave of change

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