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12-26-2013, 06:07 PM
Tad McMikowsky
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Is the team underperforming a result of Craig MacTavish's management?

I don't think so. In before people scream that I'm a shill or an apologist.

Look at the mess that MacT inherited from his predecessor. I know people are impatient, I cannot blame them for that. That said, it would of been foolish to think this team would magically turn from pretenders to contenders in one off season.

People shouldn't blame MacT for being inactive. In one off season, he argubally did more than Tambo did during his tenure. The Paajarvi + 2nd for Perron is turning to be one of the best trades in recent history. What was the best trade Tambo did? The Penner deal?

Free agency, unlike Tambo's magnificent blunders (Belanger, Hordichuk, Eager, Barker), so far MacT has done a good job. Ference has came as advertised, and more so (I like his off ice presence. I remember one poster calling Ference a grad A ass hat. Well that Ass hat recently donated 10k to Hope Mission.). Gordon has been even more than expected.

Unfortunately, this season died on the putrid performance of Dubnyk. Again though, I do not think that MacT is at fault for the lack of effort. People knew he was chasing Schnieder. There were even rumblings of being in on the Bernier hunt. This wasn't a GM that was content with his goalie.

However, there have been faults. I said at the start Bryzgalov would of been a nice addition back in the summer (it's nice I can be one of those blow hards that can go TOLD YOU SO). The signing of LaBarbera turned out.....well poor. Traded for a conditional pick not even a season in.

The Ladislav Smid trade was a headscratcher for sure. While I like Broissoit and Horak could be something useful, it hurt trading a dman who had grit. Actually, a player that had grit, something this team lacked. A trade like that didn't scream that the Oilers were contenders, but rebuilding. A word that quite a few fans are sick of hearing.

I won't blame this season's disaster on MacT, rather on the players failing to take the next step and be accountable. I give MacT a pass.

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