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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
The people complaining about too many Canadians should really wait until the winger list comes out.

I only have 1 non-Canadian (Forsberg) in my own top 20 centers, but mentally throwing together a list of the top 20 wingers, I would have 8 of the top 20 wingers as Europeans, and 3 of the top 6.

It should be obvious why - with a few exceptions, the best European forwards have historically played wing, while since expansion (or at least 1980 or so), the best Canadian forwards tend to play center.

I wonder if we can now expect the Canada homers to complain about TOO MANY Europeans when we do the wingers list.

Request for those who don't think we have enough Europeans - come up with your own list of the top European forwards of all time. Count how many are centers and how many are wingers. Then get back to us.
Everyone is entitled to their opinions but as Mount Suribach suggested there are obvious questions that arise.

Maybe those questions will have less merit, or be answered somewhat, after we conclude our centers list and do our wingers list but the total tally for all positions is going to be Canadian heavy, which is to be expected to a certain degree, and part of that has to do with comparing the earlier guys only from the list of available Canadians while the more recent guys have had increased competition.

Of course this is something that will be discussed more in depth when we are done...or perhaps not.

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