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12-26-2013, 08:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Up the Irons View Post
Liquor, you don't seriously think that, do you? 2 more years at the bottom. that would mean passing up on any upgrades from now till then.

have to try and improve at the TDL and off season. after this year's draft, they can't wait anymore. if they do, i might be, as Eakins put, out. Done. given up.
I won't speak for IATL... but from my point of view... how in the world would this management group get talents like Ekblad/Reinhart/McDavid any other way than through their incompetence leading to being able to draft that elite level talent?

They are now doing their best to improve this team and we see the results in the standings this year. The less they do with those most valuable pieces the better.

If this team finds itself in a position to draft those players (again in large part to the ineptitude of the management and pro scouts to address the issues on this team to make them better)... then you don't compound that ineptitude by passing up those telents if they are there for the picking.

Would players like Ekblad, Reinhart, McDavid improve this team going forward? I don't think there's much doubt that they would very likely develop into solid NHL players down the line. Other teams will certainly grab them if they were in a position to do so. Oilers would be plain idiots plus incompetent if they were to trade away those assets (and that's what trading those picks away is effectively doing).

I think people have to be able to separate "fixing" this team from acquiring future potential stars. You absolutely need those talents if you can grab them.

Put it this way... once this current management group is finally mercifully expunged from this organization (crossing fingers and stabbing voodoo dolls as we speak)... then those elite assets will still be there for the next (hopefully) more competent group of management to actually build a competitive team around.

I am on the same page with basically every fan... I want a winner in Edmonton as well... 8 years of crap (more actually but for the Cinderella run) is plenty for all of us BUT it would be a mistake dumping premier young players (that's what those draft picks actually are) that will be a strong part of this team for years going forward in favour of "something" coming back that this current management group thinks will help this team.

My fundamental view... I have a higher level of faith in Ekblad/Reinhart/McDavid and those other top end prospects than I have in MacT/Lowe and the rest of this management group.

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