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12-26-2013, 08:59 PM
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Honestly he gets a fail grade from me.

4 year contract to a rookie coach (even a highly touted one) was a suspect move. Rookie GM mistake imo in the 1st place not hiring a more experienced coach along the lines of a Ruff/Tortorella type who have much more experience at the NHL level.

I can't say I was 100% against Eakins... hard to be completely against it when he's never coached at the NHL level so we don't know his NHL coaching abilities (but that's a warning sign right there with a team with as many issues as the Oilers had). Sure I was optimistic that he'd be a decent coach but he wasn't my 1st choice at all.

It's easy with 20-20 hindsight to say it was a poor move... but I find it hard to imagine a coach that would be doing worse with this current squad.

As for MacT's acquisitions... shuffling deck chairs for the most part. Fail overall there as well.

He made one solid steal among them all... Perron... and my god imagine if he didn't steal Perron. This team would be ******* bad instead of just ********* bad.

I don't know how you can give MacT/Lowe and the rest of the management group anything better than a fail grade as there is no reason this team should be where they are in the standings.

The litmus test to me is Calgary... if this team finishes behind Calgary... blow management up completely (now is a good time actually).

If Katz doesn't have the ambition or level of "give a ****" to do so.. then hire another manager one level above Lowe... call the new guy "Chief pigging operator" and let him blow all the effluent and crap out of the Oiler management pipeline.

See more about the process here:

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