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Originally Posted by nystromshairstylist View Post
Try the Total One at either an 87 or a 102 flex, I also liked the X:60 but like the TO even better. I use a P88 (kane) curve with a 102 flex.
I think Jarick is the last person here who will be convinced to switch to a higher flex haha

Originally Posted by robmneilson View Post
I loved the Bauer X:60 but they always kept breaking right in the middle of my blade. There was even a time I didn't put on new tape for two games and then afterwards discovered the stick felt weird due to a full crack down the middle. That being said I still bought more and went through three of them.

Now I'm using the Easton Mako 85flex with a hall curve and love it, but much like the x:60 they break ALL THE TIME. I guess that's the curse of using a stick that light.

I think next I'm going to go with an Easton RS. Played around with one in the rink shop the other day and it felt nice. Anyone have any love/hate for it?
Very, very poor blade durability on the RS. RS2 is supposedly better but I probably won't buy Easton sticks for a while now until they sort things out. Even the V9/V9E series apparently have durability problems. Surprised you have problems with the x:60.

Originally Posted by The Expert View Post
Some friends and I have, thanks to the great pro deal Easton offered when they were released. I didn't buy one, but got to try his and enjoyed it.

With that said, he's broken three of them since the beginning of the year. He's a big guy who plays very high level hockey, but he's still breaking them more than he likes. Loves the stick though.

I'm not a burly guy in the least and rarely break sticks at all, so I'm looking into getting one. Tough to convince myself though when I still love my APX's and want a Nexus 1000 more.
"Location: Ottawa"

Sportchek has Nexus 1000s on sale for 139.99 this week.

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