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12-27-2013, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Canadiens Ghost View Post
Lets take the bolded part first: Even if in your scenario the Oilers would be more "concerned" with icing a competitive team, how could they?. As you said, they have bad management. They would be even worse off with the draft wheel. Had they been more competent, they probably could have a more than decent team by now and some other team in need could be benefiting from the first overall pick. I really don't understand how a draft wheel in this case would be better for the Edmonton fans loll. What would be better for them is to have new management.

Now for the underlined part: You are contradicting yourself. If top picks aren't so important to becoming a good team, why would a bubble team absolutely need a top pick to become a contender. Which is it?
Top picks are good, but they aren't the be all end all. A bubble team would benefit from one because they tend to be 1 player away from being a good team. If you've followed Edmonton at all or ask their fans, the biggest problem is that they always let decent/good vets go as part of their "rebuilding" strategy, that's hurting them. Having their young guys grow up in an culture where it's ok to lose hurts them. They would be better off because instead of intentionally trying to suck they would be trying to win, which means they would go after quality vets. Maybe they would screw it up anyways, but there's a much better chance that they are a better team following that strategy.

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