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12-27-2013, 10:57 AM
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Skjei had several tough moments. Bad pinch, fell down behind the net as a player went around him, let a guy get through him on the wall near the blueline. But I only saw the 1st. Huge test for him on 31st.
He also had some very good moments and his calm and skating ability are undeniable. But I do agree, he did a few rough moments. He will settle in. The Czechs had a few points in the game where they hemmed the Americans in the defensive zone. I don't believe Brady was on the ice for any of those moments. He easily skates the puck to safety or makes a smart pass when he gets it in the D zone.

He seems to be in between sometimes when a big hit presents itself and a couple of those moments led to a forward getting by him with the puck; nothing that lead to scoring chances but he could be more decisive in the neutral zone and along the boards at the blue line.