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Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Instead of continuing to yip about it and using the question to bring up your usual, still to this day, unproven rhetoric, why don't you just do what Devil asked and put together your top-10 Euro forwards and count how many are centers.
The rhetoric is unaccepted, as your opinion is a prime example of it, the data behind my opinion makes for a strong case.

and besides the Canadian standard is there period, but yet it gets thrown out for another one....why?

I don't have a working list but off the top of my head Foppa, Feds, Larinov and possibly Sundin are on that list of 10 with Dats and Zetts still making a case for it as well.

Of course the stats, which you are a huge fan of, are going to have guys like Jagr, Makarov, and others with much better scoring rates, especially goals.

Like TDMM said, at least I think he hinted at, the role of centers in Europe can often be that of a midfielder in soccer and the stats won't be as flashy as for the wingers who typically score more.

I'll be honest and say I'm more comfortable making definitive list on players I've actually seen and too often here we are relying on quotes from sportswriters on the booze and food gravy train for the most part, for a lot of our information here.

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