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01-16-2007, 12:02 AM
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Originally Posted by Flames4EVER View Post
Yeah was a decent game if we actually tried to hit someone...lack of hitting made the preds more confident so they could move the puck...damn...Nichol was hitting everything in sight! Why in the HELL would we have Lundmark in the lineup aginst theres guys...i would have kept godard more than Dustmark...he had soooo many givaways in our own zone it was pathetic....the guy has got to go..put him on waivers...we got outhit, out played and pressured big time by thier intensity at all...why do we do the same damn things on the road? gut check FLAMES..gut check way we will beat Dallas IN Dallas the way we played tonight...a bunch of ******* is what i seen tonight, no hitting, playing the puck..not the man...i still think Playfairs system sux...

lol. Take it easy man, we just came off a 5 game winning streak, and we suffer one loss and suddenly Playfair's system sucks? You can't win them all, and don't forget we're 4-1-0 without our best player, I'd say that's pretty damn good. I agree with you on the Lundmark scenario, I too would much rather have Godard in the lineup than Lundmark, at least Godard serves a purpose. But I disagree with your comments about how we played tonight. Yeah we should have played more agressively, but none the less, we still played a pretty good game (came extremely close to taking it to OT). And as far as your "gut check time" - I'd say gut check time was the first game without Iginla after beating the Panthers, and we have shown nothing but guts. So I don't think "gut check" is an issue.

But if it makes you feel any better, Colorado lost to San Jose tonight.

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