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Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
Total buzz kill. I read the reviews and was looking forward to seeing it. Overhyped?
Well, I didn't really follow or read any reviews prior so I had no expectations going in. It was just long and excessive for the sake of excess. I guess it was intended for the movie to match the life style, but a lot of it was gratuitous to the point where you just lost interest in the plot, the characters which is never a good thing for a film. I reached a point in the film where I no longer cared about how it would resolve.

It was funny at times, annoying at others. A lot of scenes could have been cut and it would not have changed the movie much other than make it a little tighter.

A lot of people might like it just because of the social and moral message, but it doesn't necessarily mean it was carried out in an interesting manner (though the first hour of the film was pretty good, I have to admit).

Like I wrote on the Entertainment board, I get the point Scorsese was trying to make, but it felt like he was trying too hard to drive the point home, shoving it in your face. I get it Martin, I just didn't care anymore after the first 20 times you tried to tell me what the consequences of greed are.

Thin plot and simple message that was turned into a three hour movie by attaching to them all the bells and whistles a director/producer is allowed to include.

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