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12-27-2013, 04:24 PM
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USA Hockey need help!!!

Hey Guys,
So my mens league team got into a verbal confrontation after a game a couple weeks back. It was really just some chirpin in the hand shake line and some yelling, nothing came of it. But myself and a guy from their team were sent off (im guessing to make an example) with "match penalties".... That's fine, but then I get a call from the league to discuss it and the referee reported that "the two players repeatedly threw punches and pushed eachother, and refused to leave the ice as they tried to get back to one another". Which is NOT NOT NOT at all what happened... actually I don't think anyone from either team put their hands on one another, it was ONLY chirpin... and me and the other guy know eachother to so we've talked about this and we're FLOORED that the ref blatantly LIED in his report. So now we have a hearing with the head official in the area and a minimum 30 suspension through USA hockey for something we didn't even do. Basically we're wondering what we can do to notify USA Hockey that a ref lied in the report like that. We're both fired up about this. You want to suspend us for a game or two for chirping, fine... I'll take it like a man and I'll see you back on the ice in 2 weeks... but to suspend us for a fight that never happened is ridiculous. Please help.. this is garbage... stuff like this makes me hate officials even more than I do... how can you lie like that, what benefit are you getting out of saying there was a fight when there wasn't? Does it make you look good or something?

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