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12-27-2013, 05:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
The rhetoric is unaccepted, as your opinion is a prime example of it, the data behind my opinion makes for a strong case,
What data? Dude, there‘s posters around here that have been waiting over 2 years for this data.
Anything you have ever presented doesn‘t last more than a post or two before it‘s debunked 6 ways from Sunday.

I don't have a working list but off the top of my head Foppa, Feds, Larinov and possibly Sundin are on that list of 10 with Dats and Zetts still making a case for it as well.
And Foppa has already made an appearance on the Centers list. Feds will show up on there soon as will Larionov.
So what‘s the problem again?
If Foppa is the best of the bunch and his placement so far doesn‘t look out place...

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