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01-16-2007, 08:21 AM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99 View Post
What you fail to see is that we made an complete 180 degree turnaround in how the organization looks at prospects. We are far better at evaluating, drafting then DEVELOPING them. Since the 2004 draft we've had a whole other braintrust deciding on the draft picks.
I think as Dedalus has pointed out, most of the braintrust that was involved in both the '02 & '03 drafts is still in charge. Talk about developing all you want, but again how can you refute that Sather has been here for a good long time, and what is there to show for it? That not one defenseman can break into this assortment of mediocrity? That not one forward can break onto the 2nd line that currently features a pair of 4th liners?
You are far too impatient and maybe a little bitter on a draft from the past. Let it go.
I am a Rangers fan. As thus, patience is my middle name. However, I do not think it much to ask for something besides 4th line grinders, a goalie, a 2nd pairing defenseman and a misused 2nd line sophomore that Sather has shown in his 5-6 years of being in charge of the team.

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