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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
reputation does precede yourself, but the Devils are more disciplined than, say, the Rangers, that's for sure. Reputation or not.
Absolutely they are. Of course thats a part of it. But like any successful team in any particular sport, niches are carved as to the style of team they've become over time. I think that its over-apparent with a team like the Devils, more so than any other team in the NHL.

The Flyers had it in the 70's with the bullying... The Oilers in the 80's with their creativity. Two totally separate styles, both effective in their own right. Maybe what im getting at is that the opposition plays the reputation more than the opponent. Thats why there are so many shutouts with the Devils, sure Marty is good, but when teams come into CAA they immediately think defense and the entire game is focused on that. Kudos to the Devils making other teams play to them, but even the Refs get sucked in.

I guess thats more of an accurate argument than the bitterness of "they get the benefit of the doubt". I give credit where credit is due, but the Devils teams in the 90's built that reputation, now the latter teams hold onto it because its so damn effective.

But we've all seen the games theyve played this year (i was at the first 2) and its been lopsided as far as the calls have gone. In some cases, ridiculous. I've also kept an eye on games not against the Rangers and ive seen similar results.

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