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01-16-2007, 11:40 AM
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Well my team had a playoff game at 7:20 AM, game right before the championship, in the morning and everyone showed up. Well we won that game 7-2 our goalie did great and it was one of our best played games and we were considered the worst team in the league. In our league there is only like 6 teams and everyone made the playoffs. But anyway, after the game the league owner said get ready for the championship because it starts at 11:30 AM that same day and at the time it was 9:00 AM We were all like ***? 2 games in 1 day within 5 hours? Thats cheap because the other team played the day before and was well rested. So the game started at 11:30 AM and we only had 6 players and a goalie out of a 17 player and 2 goalie team. I was one of the 6. Well we had the idea of just playing around and skate with the puck as long as possible but not going fast and passing it around. Well we did that for awile and did pretty good. end of 1st was only 1-0. Well beginning of the second the center passes me with the puck and i say lets try and get the 1 goal back and so i skate with it all the way, which was a surprise to the other team because they were thinking we were going to do wat we did in the 1st period but i ended up scoring and its 1-1. And then like 5 mins til the 2nd period ends the other team took a weak shot, not really weak but not hard, and our goalie decides to kick the puck away and he falls and misses the puck and it goes in. end of 2nd it was 2-1. we were doing pretty good. and i kept tell the team to not give up and we'll get the goal back. but 3rd period was horrible i ended up scoring again to bring it 2-2 but the game ended 5-2. the other team won and we all went into the locker room, happy because we know we did our best with what we had and we were already fatigued from the other game in the morning.

Edit: the players that chose not to go to the championship game were not allowed at the team banquet. It was pretty funny to see the look on their faces

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