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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
It was the most polite term I could think of for your admittedly false assertion that players were benched for carrying the puck in. The times Smith, Wilson, and Forsberg sat in the box were not for carrying the puck into the offensive zone ... they were for repeated defensive lapses, poor decision making with the puck leading to turnovers, failing to play the detailed game required of any NHL player, singlehandedly causing two too many men penalties in a single game. In 15 years, I've yet to see a Predator benched for what could honestly be attributed to carrying the puck into the offensive zone.

Very simply, EVERY team dumps when the defense sets up to stop a carry in. Crosby does it. Gretzky did it. So did Howe, Esposito .... name any hall of famer. Our breakouts and neutral zone game are not lending themselves to situations at the blue line conducive to carrying in anywhere near as often as anyone would like.

Dump and chase is indicative of issues elsewhere in the play. For this team, they don't get out of the defensive zone cleanly often. They don't transition through neutral ice with speed. They don't have numerical advantages as they hit the blue line ... too often we are outnumbered at the point of attack with teammates trailing behind rather than in position to support the guy carrying the puck to the line.
Do not want to get into a " pissing match" with you but if you are actually saying that this team more than 2% of the time ever tries or is ALLOWED to carry the puck in instead of dumping it in......we are going to have to agree to disagree! Yes, other teams do it, but it is when they HAVE NO OTHER OPTION!
The too many men, we have had about 15 times this season. Wilson was the reason ONCE and was benched!
Defensive lapses happen with every player on this team! Legwand and Fisher have had way more absolute brain farts in the D zone than Smith, Wilson or Bourque. So don't tell me that was the reason! They are younger and "easier" to sit.
Forsberg is an absolute talent, but with what I watched earlier in the season, he is already being show "The Preds Way" and that got him playing limited time on 3rd and 4th lines! Let him "wheel" and create and if he turns the puck over occasionally, oh well, at least it will be entertaining!

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