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12-27-2013, 10:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Fortheloveofthegame View Post
Do not want to get into a " pissing match" with you but if you are actually saying that this team more than 2% of the time ever tries or is ALLOWED to carry the puck in instead of dumping it in......we are going to have to agree to disagree! Yes, other teams do it, but it is when they HAVE NO OTHER OPTION!
The too many men, we have had about 15 times this season. Wilson was the reason ONCE and was benched!
Defensive lapses happen with every player on this team! Legwand and Fisher have had way more absolute brain farts in the D zone than Smith, Wilson or Bourque. So don't tell me that was the reason! They are younger and "easier" to sit.
Forsberg is an absolute talent, but with what I watched earlier in the season, he is already being show "The Preds Way" and that got him playing limited time on 3rd and 4th lines! Let him "wheel" and create and if he turns the puck over occasionally, oh well, at least it will be entertaining!

If you're saying the team only carries it in 2 of every 100 times, I will disagree with you all day long because I refuse to be as wrong as that proposition is. Stating that the Earth is a cube is less incorrect than saying the Preds only carry in 2% of the time. Claiming gravity repels objects from the surface of the planet is less incorrect. The team doesn't get the puck into the offensive zone 100 times in most games ... they'd have to carry in 2 times every 2-3 games for your absurd assertion to be remotely true.

Wilson was the reason twice for too many men penalties in one game ... but according to you he gets benched for carrying the puck in ... make up your mind. Wilson gets in the doghouse when he has brainfarts in every zone. Watch his play from the games before getting benched and really pay attention to what he does. Missed defensive assignments ... inexcusable turnovers in neutral ice ... and on and on.

Forsberg got 4th line minutes only after numerous errors and failing to perform offensively while contributing to goals allowed game after game with more ice time. Horrendous +/-, directly contributing to goals against by failing to meet the simple defensive requirements of a winger in any system (including the Preds), one career goal and that 5on3 ... but those are only facts so why let them interfere with a rant.

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