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12-27-2013, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by jwhouk View Post
What are we basing 1st/2nd line players on, anyways? Are we saying a 1st liner scores 40/80 and a 2nd 30/60 or something? And how many of those type of players are there out in the NHL, anyways?

EDIT: Based on 82-game projections for this season, there's only 12 players in the NHL who meet criteria 1, and 50 more who meet criteria 2. All other things being equal, every team should have 2 "1st" or "2nd" liners on their team.
How many do the Preds have? How many have they had over the past few years?

Seems like zero. Didn't someone recently post that we've only had a player in the top 30 in PPG once in our entire existence? Or was it top 60? Either way, it's discouraging...

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