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Originally Posted by Striiker View Post
My "say so" is based on common sense and by actually watching the games, if you payed attention and had an open mind you'd see I was right.

And actually no, the post I quoted was about Raffl and Hartnell, Schenn doesn't matter when you're comparing those two players. You said that Hartnell was a better bet than Raffl because his offensive upside is higher and then you mentioned a bunch of stats. I said his upside and those stats don't matter because when you watch them both play you can see that Raffl, while he may be less skilled, is doing a lot of things right while Hartnell is barely doing anything useful and is doing a lot of things wrong.

Point is, it doesn't matter if it's Schenn or Raffl on the first line, Hartnell should NOT be in the top 9.
I disagree that Raffl is less skilled than Hartnell. He makes excellent passes both off the rush and the cycle, shows creativity Hartnell has never experienced even in his dreams, and is faster and delivers more effective body checks in a game than Hartnell does too.

He may just be starting out, but he's proven he can play. He's 24, IIRC, not a young kid, so he's more like Read, just a late bloomer - and blooming he is. I like Hartnell, and if we didn't have Raffl, Schenn and Read or Downie playing better than him, there would be room for him in the top 9. All healthy, there isn't. You just have to watch the games to realize that, and if you don't, it's a viewing comprehension issue...

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