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Originally Posted by Dubi View Post
If you read Larry's article carefully, you can tell that his source for both the St. Louis and Pittsburgh rumors is the same person -- he goes out of his way to say "third-party personnel source" for St. Louis, but not so for Pittsburgh, who he says was represented at the last game by two scouts. One of those scouts was Kevin Stevens, a talkative guy, and someone Larry has a relationship with from his days as a Ranger. So I don't know any of this for sure, but circumstantial evidence would indicate that Stevens told Brooks both of these tales, the Pittsburgh tale true (up to the point of the Rangers inquiring about the players) and the St. Louis tale probably Kevin's way of stirring something up that might ultimately serve his own personal interests -- the benefit of his team, the Penguins...Ditto another Ranger beat writer who heard from a direct source that the Rangers turned down a Vancouver offer of Brendan Morrison for Fedor Tyutin -- although he felt his source was credible, he also told me that he felt the story was nevertheless too tenuous to be published as fact, and didn't want to publish a rumor.
Your guess of Stevens being the source behind these rumours makes the most sense. And Stevens is highly unlikely to be privy to the exact nature of Blues/Rangers discussions. Anybody with a modicum of common sense can guess that Jagr might be missing Rucinsky and, with the team not doing well, put 2 and 2 together.

The tidbit on Morrison/Tjutin is very interesting. It certainly puts a hole in the theory of Rangers' willingness to sacrafice young players for the sake of a play-off run. Morrison is somebody far likelier to produce immediate dividends, just due to the position he plays. If the Rangers are unwilling to move Tjutin for a desperately needed 2nd line center, I don't believe for a second they'd be willing to do a Prucha/Rucinsky exchange. Morrison is still quality, and unlike Rucinsky, fills a position of extreme need.

Thanks a lot for the info. Much appreciated.

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