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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Somehow there,s a lot of people watching the shows I'm going to mention....but I've never heard anybody talked about them. My favorite shows are: The Mentalist (Simon Baker, underrated actor), Person of Interest ( far from Jesus yet, so great in that show), Revenge (that Canada Van Camp girl is just too good looking) and the Blacklist (James Spader is incredible in that show). I guess those are shows for the older guys like myself.... I hate where the Mentalist is going now though with that change of scenery and all. Pretty much relieved that it's only going to exist for another year...but the previous ones were awfully fun to watch. Simon Baker is a great actor. And I had no idea he had played in another TV show before called The Guardian. Wondering if it's worth watching.

By the way, a great internet site as far as shows are concerned, ratings, previews and so is Just an awesome site.
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