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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
The criticism stems from pretending that a 4th line player should be centering Shanny.
Through out the years there have been many 4th lineers on very successful 1st lines in this league. Brad May-Pat LaFontaine-AlMo.

So cut the crap of talking about it like its "unbeliveable". Detroit have had both Draper and Franzen on their first lines this season. One player gets a defensive role, he is not asked to play anthing else then what you call 4th line hockey on a 2nd line.

That worked pretty good for the Swedes in the Olympics. Like 4th line center Jörgen Jönsson with Forsberg during the majority of games, Jönsson taking care of the defensive side so Forsberg could concentrate on offense.

And we all know that Betts won't play there for long. Its a lineup designated for the NJD. To stop Elias and Co.

And last year, he showed that he is more than simply a checking line player. He is a 2nd line sniper.

The way that he has been handled is not an example of not surviving in a perfect environment. It's an example of why this organization is amongst the worst in the league for 66 years running.
By simple math, that would make him both a checkingline player and a 2nd line sniper.

This season, he is finnishing have been decent, not terrible. His checkingline play haven't been good enough. When he haven't scored he haven't contributed.

This have been covered before TB. Prucha is not a finetuned elite sniper in this league. He just have never been and never will be a Ziggy Palffy type of player. He is not nearly as skilled as Ziggy were. There were a reason for why he were used like he were last season. We are seeing it now. You can complain all you want on everyone else on the team, and blame Prucha not scoring on them. Its Cullens fault. Why aren't Renney playing Immonen there, he would solve everything (he didn't, its a fact, he sucked on the 2nd line). Though Prucha like every young hockey player, in his case mid 20's but he is a late bloomer, needs time. There is always a time in a hockeyplayers career when he struggles. I would say the earlier the better. Prucha's flaws are becomming obvious. He needs to correct them. He also needs to go back to what made him successful last season, which were allot more then scoring goals.

You are right that he would have scored more if he had played instead of Shanahan on the PP. But he would still have been the exact same player. This struggle would have came 2-3 years from now when JJ were done or something.

If we would have rushed Prucha, its possible that we would have had Mariuz Czerkawski on our hands in 3 years. Now we are developing him. There are no shortcuts in hockey. There is a reason why Prucha haven't contributed with Cullen and Shanahan. Thats because he is flawed. Had he played with Crosby and Shanahan it just wouldn't have been obvious.

Prucha will start producing when he is put in a enviroment were he can succed again. Though inorder to be more valueble then just about any UFA you can pick up for 2m he must get more involved in the transition game. He must win more pucks on the forecheck, like he did last season. He must become more involved in the play in general. A problem for him is that in Europe he could go down deep into his own zone and help out, win the puck, and start a counter attack. Here in the NHL he is too weak and forwards takes advantages of him there. He must adopt to that and find new ways to contribute in thoose faces of the game.

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