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12-28-2013, 04:03 PM
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It's funny, the whole team sucks yet it's Weber's fault? How many times is Weber or Weber and Josi the only guys back on odd man rushes? I've seen many times that we don't have a third and/or fourth guy getting back defensively leaving the defensive pairing out to dry. Yeah, Weber hasn't been dominant but he is the least of our worries. Josi and Klein are the least of our worries. Getting our forwards to put the puck in the net is one of our if not the biggest worry for this team. Everyone is quick to clamor that it's the D's fault that we're sucking. Well guess what, it takes 5 guys on the ice to play D, not just 2. The forwards are not just bad offensively but defensively as well. The guys are not playing the system or don't care to anymore. Either way there is no emotion out there.

Something happened in Phoenix two years ago because since then we have not looked like the same team.

I also think Peterson was a big reason for this teams success in years past. He was a big reason for the defensive side of things and was a great mentor for a lot of the younger guys, especially on the defenseman side of things. He was well respected by the guys in the locker room and that can't go unnoticed over time.

My reason for wanting to trade Weber is not because he sucks or isn't playing to his potential but he's the one chip that we have that will land us what we need up front talent wise. If we can land a top 3 forward, preferably a center, then I say move him. If not, move a lot of the older talent and go with the youth. It can't be any worse than what we're seeing right now.

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